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120 LED Hand Held Light Directions

Do NOT fall asleep using the LED unit. Do NOT leave unit running unattended.
 Do NOT cover it with blankets or clothing while its running
 as it may overheat and create a potential hazard. Do NOT use device in the bathtub.
Always shut unit off when done using it.

Switch Diagrams

 Dual LED light on     single on off light therapy example

     Infrared therapy LED switch example     120 LED infrared therapy unit

LED light fan holes.      LED light back view

When you order a fan it has holes in the back for air flow. Keep the holes uncovered so air can flow.

Below are some of the colors used in the LED units, the effects they have and their usage.
They are available in single colors or multiple colors with up to three on one (hand held) unit.

Red (660nm) LED

The red 660nm LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) work best for painful areas (cuts, sores, etc) on or near the surface, as the light penetrates only about 1/2 to 3/4 inches. It affects the cell's mitochondria and causes an increase in the production of ATP, boosting energy and speeding up healing. Good for healing any skin injury or diabetic ulcers etc.
Place the array against the skin or slightly above the skin in those locations. Some people use it on their arteries at the wrist or the navel to energize the blood. It can also be used under the feet to stimulate the energy pathways (meridians). Red LEDs are great for faster muscle recovery after working out.
Infrared (850nm) LED

!! IMPORTANT: When running 850 Infrared limit the time to 25 minutes then let it cool, unless you have ordered a fan option !!
850nm InfraRed light spectrum is INVISIBLE to the eyes so I have added a red pilot light
on one end that indicates when it is on.
The near InfraRed 850nm LEDs penetrate 2-3 and have different effects on the cells. It seems to increase circulation and make the body release nitric oxide to increase blood flow in the area which will soothe and heal sore muscles and joints. One should not use the InfraRed device over the thyroid area to avoid over-stimulation. Also avoid shining the light into the eyes, even with them closed, as the 880 may damage them. You can protect your eyes with aluminum foil if you like or just shut off the infrared when going in front of the eyes. The red pilot light turns on to indicate the infrared 850 is on or off.
When used on limbs, legs, shoulders, etc., we do not know of any time limitations, but you should probably not go longer than 10-20 minutes on one place on either the torso or the head. ALWAYS Avoid shining the 850nm LEDs at the eyes, thyroid, or skull(where hair is).
Blue (470nm or 415nm)

The blue LEDs can be used for skin conditions. Blue LEDS are used for acne, jaundice in babies, and to help reduce inflammation. Sometimes is used in combination with red LED in a mix for acne. It is good to use it about 5 minutes up to 10 minutes on one area. It is best to just hold it on the area you want to affect against skin or hold it slight above the skin. Move it around often over the area.
Yellow (590nm)

The yellow LEDs can be used for skin conditions. Yellow is used for collagen building, which helps with wrinkle removal. Yellow is also good for Rosacea alone or in combination with Red(660). It is best to use it for about 8 to 10 minutes on one area. Just hold it near the area you want to affect against the skin or hold it slightly above the skin. Move it around often over the area.
Models with multi-color LEDs available and their uses.

Dual Red infrared (660/850)
The dual is great for sore muscles, speeding up healing both near the surface and deep into the tissue. Often used for facial skin rejuvenation together with the yellow, and for any painful areas in the body.

Triple Red Infrared Yellow (660/850/590)
The Triple yellow is primarily used for skin rejuvenation, but can also be used for all applications that the dual is used for.
This device is excellent for those desiring skin rejuvenation on a budget.

Triple Red Infrared Blue (660/850/470)
The Triple Blue primarily used for acne, and can also help reduce inflammation. It can also be utilized for the same purposes as the dual red/infrared. This is a great all around LED unit.