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The LEDman light therapy LED flashlight

What You Get.

"Quality LED lights made to order"

"Top Customer Service"

Lifetime Warranty, Made in the U.S.A.

"We ship anywhere in the world."

Features two 1 Watt Super Bright white 10mm LEDs (390,000mcd ea LED)

This unit is bright enough to light up your yard at night, 
much brighter than a regular flashlight yet very tiny.

Very handy little light, Everyone raves about it.

Also Available in 660nm red, 520nm green, 470nm blue, and 590nm yellow 
Great for color therapy or acupuncture stimulation, spot healing, or skin issues. 

Each flashlight has about 80mw. Great for small jobs.

NEW !!
LED flashlight color example  Mini LED  flashlight 2 watt  2 watt mini LED case open

High Power LED Flashlight (New Design with case)

NO Longer Available

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